The MudMetrix software application was released in January of 2020 to solve the costliest issues in the oilfield when it comes to recording and reporting accurate data. MudMetrix gives engineers the ability to easily enter data related to hole geometry, mud properties, inventory, and more, as well as create, print, and email their mud reports to a user-managed list of contacts. Engineers, supervisors, and upper level management can all log into the web-based software to see data relevant to their wells. MudMetrix allows for easy and accurate recording with several reporting options to provide your customers with full transparency.

“We love how easy MudMetrix is to use for both the engineers in the field and the supervisors in the office. Since it’s a web-based app, we can pull up the same information in the office that our engineers are viewing when they’re out on site and with new software releases every 4 weeks, we continue to see improvements and new features that make our lives easier.”

Mid sized mud company based in Hobbs, NM