MudMetrix gives your organization the ability to easily record and report on well data with full transparency to your customers.

Well Details

Create wells in MudMetrix so that users can complete mud reports for those operators your company is working with. MudMetrix stores well-specific information including: operator, rig, projected depth, projected cost, location, admin-defined tax rates, relevant contacts, which users have access to each of your wells, and more. Wells are viewed and managed based on user roles and well status: Active, Finishing, Closed, and Archived.

Fluid Data

Track all mud properties under the Fluid Data tab of your mud report. This page shows and hides certain fields based on the user’s selection of whether he is checking water based mud or oil based mud. Industry-standard calculations are run in the background to generate certain results that ultimately save your engineers time.

Inventory Management

Account for all products and EBP (everything but products) at your well sites so that your inventory quantities and charges are always accurate. This provides accountability and visibility for your customers so that they know you are managing their well’s inventory with precision.

Volume Accounting

Accurately track volumes so that your customers confidently know that all mud is accounted for on a daily basis. Also, keep track of frac tank volumes on site to ensure you always know what is going in and out of your tanks.


Access reports for data that’s important to you and your customers. With built-in system reports, users can view and download reports on mud properties, volume accounting, inventory, and more. MudMetrix can also seamlessly integrate with Tableau and Power BI to make custom reporting easy.